About the Author

An attorney and mother of three, Elizabeth Gardner's successful Crib Sheets® series has provided practical and effective parenting strategies since 2002. Inspired by her children's grandparents and their profound affect on her family's wellbeing, Elizabeth published her latest Crib Sheets® book Canny Granny How to Be the Favorite Grandparent in 2008.

A parenting strategist, Elizabeth specializes in practical and effective methods balancing work and family. In 1994 the California State Bar acknowledged her commitment to the welfare of mothers and their children by awarding her the Wiley M. Manuel Award. The award honors attorneys for providing voluntary legal services to victims of domestic violence. Elizabeth is also a successful Web site administrator specializing in the creation of family sites. Her popular San Diego Playgrounds web site is a valuable community resource providing San Diego families with a free and complete listing of public playgrounds since 2002.

While working as a litigation attorney in 1995, Elizabeth eagerly awaited the birth of her first child. Anticipating the exhaustion of caring for a newborn and working full-time as an attorney, she searched for books that could help her prepare. Surprisingly, Elizabeth could not find any that focused on what expectant parents could do pre-baby to get more sleep post. During her son's first months, she was exhausted and frustrated that there seemed to be nothing to do except suffer and wait it out. Anticipating more children, Elizabeth formulated a plan to reduce new parent fatigue that was so effective that her friends and relatives commented on how surprisingly rested and productive she was; "What's your secret?" they asked. She published her first book in the Crib Sheets ® series, Crib Sheets Are You Covered? New Parent Sleep Deprivation Solutions: Practical and Effective Parent Strategies, while caring for a two-month-old baby, a three-year-old, and a five-year-old. Elizabeth and her family live in Weaverville, North Carolina.