I Want More Visits, Can Canny Granny Help?


Canny Granny How to Be the Favorite Grandparent is the ultimate guide to becoming your family's favorite grandma or grandpa. The book provides practical and effective strategies for creating good relations with the parents, getting more visits, increasing involvement in preparing for a new grandchild, creating meaningful shared experiences, getting your share of holiday and other special occasion visits, effective long-distance grandparenting, and giving thoughtful gifts that resonate. And once you become the favorite, Canny Granny shows you how to stay the favorite.

Canny Granny also provides practical advice for family situations in which the probability of hurt feelings, conflict, and family feud is high. For instance, sometimes things are too good at grandma's and grandparents can find themselves being taken advantage of. Clever and respectful suggestions are offered that help grandparents get less visits without hurt feelings. And getting your share of holiday visits can be especially tricky when there are divorced grandparents. Families find themselves torn and stressed trying to visit multiple grandparent households. Canny Granny details clever and effective nonconfrontational ways to make sure that you get your share of holiday time with your grandkids.