Publications in the Crib Sheets® Series

Crib Sheets® Are You Covered? New Parent Sleep Deprivation Solutions: Practical and Effective Expectant Parent Strategies, Elizabeth Gardner, iUniverse, Inc. 2003.

Canny Granny: How to Be the Favorite Grandparent, Elizabeth Gardner, iUniverse, Inc. 2008.

Crib Sheets Press (CSP) anticipates publication of its third book in the Crib Sheets® series on toilet training sometime in 2011.

And like all crib sheets books, each chapter will feature a handy removable "crib sheet" or "to-do checklist"—this time to help mom and dad prepare for toilet training success. Our popular "tip boxes" will also be featured. This new book is scheduled for publication with iUniverse in 2011.

If you want to pre-order this book or receive further information, please email Crib Sheets Press (CSP):